What we do

Members Only

Ecom Global Network is the only network focused on global e-commerce agents and e-commerce development. The members of our network are all businesses who are engaged in e-commerce. We support them by keeping them up to date on the latest industry issues and by helping them to meet each other, generating more business in the process. As a member of the Ecom Global Network you will receive:

  • Immediate access to all global members giving you a ready market for you goods and services
  • 100% exclusivity for you business sector in your country so all member enquiries flow to you
  • Networking at annual Member Meetings to develop relations and expand business
  • Dedicated pages on our website to promote your business with links back to your site and contact details
  • Ability to upload your company news onto the Ecom website to publicise your business
  • Quick Quote system to put new customers directly in touch with you

Member Quality

A key feature of building any successful business is having the right contacts. By carefully managing the quality of our members we ensure that Ecom Global Network can provide you with the contacts you need for your business to succeed. To ensure member quality, and trust, we take a number of steps. These include:

  • Use of a Payment Monitoring Systems to keep transactions between members within the agreed payment schedules with a Payment Protection Plan in place should anything go wrong
  • To ensure that all members are actively participating in the groups they must sign up to the annual conference and regional members must attend local regional conferences
  • Members have the ability to vote on the quality of service provided by other members, ensuring a transparent platform on which to do business
  • Annual surveys on service quality ensure a continued high standard of Membership with awards to the highest voted performance

Global Headquarters and Support

E-commerce is a rapidly evolving industry sector with new strategies, rules and best practices emerging every day. Our headquarters and support infrastructure helps our members keep up to date on the latest developments and offer advice to make the most of their business. We assist with:

  • Financial arbitration for payment irregularities
  • Quarterly Newsletters and regular Updates are provided with Network News featuring updates on areas such as new e-commerce programs and platforms and news about customs updates and policies
  • Keeping you up to date on the latest online marketing and global branding techniques and best practices
  • Sales tools to help you gain new customers including multimedia presentations and personalised brochures
  • Access to the latest tracking systems to ensure smooth delivery of orders to end customers