eCom Network Overview

Accepting applications from Freight Forwarders, Customs Brokers, Logistics, Couriers, Airlines, 3PLs, 4PLs, Pick and Pack, Warehouses Operators, Airlines, Express Operators, Etailers, New markets and Products, Traders,  postal operator, Sponsors and Associated business sectors.

Do you want to join the global ecommerce revolution but don’t know how or maybe you are already handling ecommerce business but need to expand your market ?

Our network program covers all aspects of international trade including B2C and B2B regardless of DDU or DDP shipments, small or large, air or ocean or truck.

Global ecommerce and subsequent freight services have increased 20% year on year !  in USA alone the market is expected to exceed 200 billion dollars by 2020.  Globally its in the trillions. Airfreight and sea freight have barely kept pace on most trade lanes and even declined.

Our network includes.

  • How to seminars
  • Global sales program
  • Global WMS
  • Global Tracking
  • Global Freight Management
  • Duty rate calculator
  • Marketing
  • Integrated Network Cloud based.
  • Multi Language
  • Tariff and booking air ocean and truck
  • Multi Currency
  • Customer Driven
  • Payment Protection
  • 4PL Program

5 regional meetings per year dedicated to ecommerce.

As  member we provide daily news updates, regional updates, event updates,Customs and logistics updates, News and Reviews. All one portal for you to go to to get your instant updates and access to the Ecom agents and partners.

If you are still just operating as a general freight forwarder then you are missing out on this lucrative business sector of ecommerce. You are no doubt experiencing more competitive and pressure on existing margins as no doubt you have reviewed your budget for last year and now having to find increases in revenue and growth for 2017. We can show you the way into how you can join this business sector without any huge investment and will complement your existing structure

Ecom Global Network is an exclusive dedicated ecommerce global independent network.

If you are interested reply to this email attaching your business profile and preferred country locations and we will send you details on registration and network details on how to join this global economy and benefit now:

Regional meetings are held in:
Asia Pacific
Mid East
5 regions – 5 seminars – 5 network mtgs – 5 global growth opportunities

Membership levels are:

Membership is based on location, region and country with limited membership so protect your location now so you are not disappointed and get left behind.

You will receive framed certificate, and global membership number unique to your location.

The world of global logistics is changing at an enormous pace, you may feel lost in the new world of  global ecommerce economy of logistics and don’t want to miss out.

You are amazed at the startling growth of Amazon, eBay, Alibaba who have all moved in on the logistics network, they would not have evolved  without freight forwarders and customs brokers, and of course the Internet.

Logistics companies are primed to regain their title using their transportation expertise and local in country knowledge How? To find out more about how to join the new global ecommerce logistics age network.

By joining the network you gain a global agency partners who are committed to ecommerce and eq8tor provides the integrated program which links all the tracking, sales, billing and management on a global scale without a huge ongoing cost while using your own capabilities in terms of international transport, Customs and warehousing complementing your existing resources.

Join the ecom network and look forward now….
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