E-Commerce Insurance

Our e-commerce insurance pays you a proportion of a returned item’s value to recoup lost sales revenue and help offset the high cost of returns.

With the average cost of managing the international returns process for unwanted goods bought online amounting to approximately $20 per item, dealing with high-volume product returns is losing online retailers a lot of money. When you consider that it entails return shipping costs, issuing the Return Merchandise Authorisation, the checking and verifying of content on return, issuing the credit, customer service, processing and inventory adjustment and management, storage and repacking, but does not include refurbishment and repacking for re-entry into inventory and return shipping costs, it’s not hard to see how the costs soon add up.

With major e-commerce platforms like Amazon tightening the enforcement of their international returns policies by telling sellers they must either provide a local address in their Elected Country for returns, or pay for return shipping on all returns, some are even beginning to question the value of international selling on certain platforms.

Now, imagine if you could receive payment of between 30 and 50 per cent of the returned item’s value and not have to deal with any of the management costs? Well, with the e-commerce insurance programme from Ecom Global Network Ltd you can. By insuring your shipments for a very small percentage based on product, you can recoup up to half of the returned item’s value on issue of a return receipt and verification and avoid the hassle of returns management in the process.

E-Commerce Insurance Programme Benefits:

  • This is not a lost sell and lost revenue policy – we pay you for the return product
  • No high cost of returns management
  • We log and verify all returns
  • We resell on public auction or other sites, or give to charity
  • We securely destroy all personal labels and documents
  • We save you all the problems with returns management
  • You don’t have to bother with high cost of shipping it back, as well as customs issues and associated costs


Complete our enquiry form and we will respond with the appropriate e-commerce insurance premium costs so you can get on with selling your products without incurring hefty returns costs and the hassle that goes with it.